Fall Cohort Happy Hour Kickoff

Our fall cohort kicked off this past Wednesday as the crews of Agogie, Tallysight, Ongo, Fabric, Recut, and Adapt Brands gathered in Houston. This rock star group of companies flew in to meet with the Pokatok Labs team for the first time in person.

While Thursday was set aside to get to work, Wednesday night the teams were able to bond over drinks, pizza, and pickleball. Bumpy Pickle proved to be the perfect venue for everyone to show off their competitive spirit and partner up with their fellow cohort members. While the Labs team got smoked on the court, it was a total blast to give pickleball a try as the game explodes in popularity.

It was great to see all the founders mesh and start talking through their businesses, instantly making connections and talking through each other’s pain points. While we are still mourning our loss in the high-stakes Tallysight vs. Pokatok Labs cornhole match, we can’t wait to get these great teams back to Houston soon.

About the Fall 2022 Cohort

First up, we have Adapt Brands, an athlete-owned superfood company creating safe and functional hemp-infused products for the wellness and recovery market.

Next is AGOGIE, creating apparel with resistance bands built inside, which is creating a new category of apparel that burns calories and fat, activates & strengthens muscle, and is comfortable for all day wear.

Fabric offers a geospatial web platform that enables sports teams, leagues and venues to create and launch a Space, a social 3D jumbotron in every fan’s pocket to deliver real-time, location-specific experiences.

Ongo has built a business in a box solution that makes it easy for health and wellness experts to launch their own custom apps and subscription revenue businesses.

Recut helps companies create unlimited personalized video content at scale – no cameras or actors necessary.

Last, but certainly not least we have Tallysight, the first all-in-one content monetization platform for individuals, teams, and brands in sports betting.

We couldn’t be more excited about this new lineup. Stay tuned for more updates next week!