Monarc Reigns: Post Pokatok Labs Cohort One

The T-1000 of Football

Continuing with our highlights of Pokatok Labs Cohort One, our next feature is Monarc, the world’s first robotic quarterback. Throughout Spring 2022 the Pokatok Labs team worked closely with the founders of Monarc, Igor Karlicic and Bhargav Maganti, the brilliant minds behind The Seeker. Monarc’s flagship product could be described as a six-shooter revolver football cannon. That description does not do the product justice. With features in Forbes, Business Insider, and an increasing media presence, Monarc is leagues ahead of batting-cage level tech and has seen massive growth since the conclusion of Pokatok Labs Cohort One.

“We got a LinkedIn Invitation”

After finding the Labs program via LinkedIn, Bhargav shared that the broad goal of Pokatok initially attracted Monarc.

“The first thing that sparked our attention was the landing page… We saw the world’s largest sports festival and said ok this is really intriguing.”

In our recent conversation, Igor added:

“Up to that point we didn’t think that we wanted to do an accelerator but there wasn’t really any downside you know. You’re going to be with an awesome group of companies. The representatives of the organization were fantastic. We felt like they really cared and understood what we were trying to do.”

Incredible Growth

While Monarc was already on an impressive track, growth after the program has been incredible.

“I mean technically we have tripled our ARR from the start of the program to now.” Barghav shared with a smile.

Igor quickly added, “We’ve been doing a lot, we had a lot of cool interactions where we participated on a bit, a segment, for the Daily Show recently, we did a commercial for Dr. Pepper. A lot of strategic interactions with our teams who are crushing it.”

Listing their teams would take all day, but Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, and undefeated TCU benefit from the Monarc Seeker daily.

The Labs Community

After Pokatok Labs, Monarc has remained involved, as Igor shared

“Even now when we think about the value of Pokatok… being able to exchange numbers with a lot of relevant people and staying in touch with them, the value of investors is one thing and that’s what we came for, but we left with the value of the community

Bhargav added that “We actually got a ton of help post-program where you followed up on a bunch of connections and facilitated some great interactions.”

To keep up with Monarc’s progress follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn