Reflexion Reflects on Pokatok Labs Cohort One

In the six months following the conclusion of Pokatok Labs Cohort One, the Reflexion team has been busy. Reflexion joined five other companies in May of 2022 as our first cohort, proving to be an excellent fit for our program.

Founded by Matt Campagna and Matthew Roda in 2015, Reflexion is a “game-changing cognitive sports training service designed to improve performance in competition” that utilizes a hi-tech touchscreen lightboard to accelerate and strengthen cognitive processes. With high-profile clients such as the Denver Nuggets, Reflexion’s success has been a pleasure to follow in the months after the program concluded.

After being referred by a mentor, Matt Roda tells that the decision to apply to Labs was made simple “When you’re hearing good things from multiple people you trust it’s a good signal”.

The months post-cohort have been very fruitful for the Reflexion team and their fast-paced business according to Matt Campagna (who was recently named one of Front Office Sports “Rising 25“).

“We’re really continuing the business, we’ve seen a lot of value from the connections we made through Pokatok both through the other founders and some of the sports properties that we got connected with”

“In a lot of ways, it’s just been full speed ahead, tripling revenue year over year” Matt R. added.

Value through community

“The opportunity to meet fellow founders in the sports tech space was something that we really didn’t have any opportunity or way to do in the past so connecting with them through Pokatok Labs was something that was very valuable” Roda shared.

Campagna touched on Pokatok’s wider goal of turning Houston into the global home of sports tech innovation “It was really valuable to meet not only other founders but people in the Houston Sports ecosystem.”

“Get ready to have some fun, and keep an open mind”

With cohort two in full swing, Roda offered this advice to our members of cohort two, and anyone interested in future involvement with Pokatok Labs:

“I would say to keep an open mind and be ready for some new ideas, whatever their business idea is there are always ways to improve and I think the people at Labs are very smart and can help you along that process to really make the best of the experience.”

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